I have overloaded myself with work and tasks to challenge myself.

I have overloaded myself with work for few weeks, and the result was impressive. All the while, I heard that should be a balance between work and personal life, and I was struggling to find a balance between these two till a few weeks ago that I decided to challenge myself with doing multiple tasks.
1. learning an utterly new programming language.
2. Reading at least 100 pages book/article every day.
3. listen/watch podcast/documentary every day.
4. Working on personal projects that I was delaying for a long time.

I promised myself that I would not drink coffee or any energy drinks to boost my energy and only try to eat healthy foods.

I have not shared my plan with anyone because once you share it with others, you would start worrying about what others think about you and what if I failed to execute the plan. Keep it with to yourself.

Here is how the new plan changed me:
1. I used to spend a lot of time on social media, and I always wanted to stop it, but I could not because there was nothing on the table to replace it, or at least it was not crucial that much to encourage me to do it.
Our mind needs to have a break every few hours/minutes and, social media is the best place to look into it because it comes with a variety of content that can keep you interested, but it comes with a cost and, that’s addiction. Addiction is a habit, and, technically you cannot get rid of it; you can only replace it with a new one.

So I decided to read an article in Medium or watch a few minutes documentary every time I feel I need a break. I managed to replace the habit of checking Instagram with something more valuable!

2. I used to check the BBC, CNN, and news that is mostly delivering the negative pulses to my brain. I have noticed that I stopped checking them because I had plans and tasks to take care of. I have not done anything to force me to stop watching or reading the news. Jus my mind changed his priority, and checking new went to the end of the list.

3. I saved a lot of time by planning things like:
3.1. Wash and iron all my clothes on the weekend instead of during the week.
3.2. Online grocery instead of going to physical shops.
3.3. I used the reminder to make sure I do what it’s needed to be done based on the schedule. Forgetting stuff can be a big problem when you want to use your time wisely.

4. I saw many people in my career that they avoid unnecessary meetings, talks, email, calls. They know the value of time and do not want to waste it even if it’s only 5 minutes call, so I ignored many unnecessary meetings, discussions, phone calls, and chats that helped me save a lot of time.

5. I became a more organized person by doing:
5.1. I went to bed at the exact time every night.
5.2. I checked email at a specific time every day.
5.4. Created a timetable for daily tasks and followed it very carefully.
5.5. Stopped watching Series and Movies during the week.

6. I stopped caring too much and, it helped me to save even more time.
I typically like to help people even if they do not ask for it, which I found very stupid. I am not saying that be apathetic, but be conscious when and how you should help; you cannot make everyone happy at the end of the day.
I spent hours talking to my friends, giving them advice, but they went in the wrong direction at the end of the day, which made me upset. Each person is responsible for his own life and, you only can help and care at some certain level beyond that is just wasting time for both sides.

The final result in my life after three weeks:
1. Finished 4 books
2. Finished twelve podcasts.
3. Watched three documentaries that I always wanted to watch.
4. Learned a new programming language (GoLang).
5. I ate more healthy food.
6. I spent more quality time with my GF.
7. I had a more organized lifestyle.
8. Made more people happy.

I just shared my experience here. It’s not a scientifically proven path; after this experiment, I learned that I am more capable than I thought. I also noticed that discipline is the key factor to success.

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