Remote Procedure Call is not a new technology, and if you have java backgrounds, probably you heard of it, or if you worked with WSDL, then understanding RPC won't be tough to grasp.

In a simple word, RPC gives the client the ability to call a procedure from the server, and it’s pretty much like the client is calling a function within its own codebase. The client knows what the function interface is; therefore, it can pass the correct parameters.


grpc is the latest RPC framework developed by Google and became open source by 2015, available in these languages.

One of the most amazing things about node.js is streaming and how you could benefit from it while dealing with a big file. Today in this post, I will show you how to stream a big JSON file from the S3 bucket and perform specific actions while streaming it.

Here is the typescript module that I will explain in detail.

I used Typescript to clarify the code better, but of course, you can use vanilla JavaScript.


Imagine a backend service that receives events from various sources and stores them as a zipped JSON file into an S3 bucket…

It is not a secret to anyone that companies and even individuals prefer to store their files into cloud storage like AWS S3, and of course, S3 is one of the best Cloud Storages available at our disposal.

S3 provides many features that make it unique and attractive to use, and one of these features is Multipart upload. This feature lets a service breaks a big file into smaller chunks and then uploads them; once all parts are uploaded, S3 could merge all in one single file. …

I have overloaded myself with work for few weeks, and the result was impressive. All the while, I heard that should be a balance between work and personal life, and I was struggling to find a balance between these two till a few weeks ago that I decided to challenge myself with doing multiple tasks.
1. learning an utterly new programming language.
2. Reading at least 100 pages book/article every day.
3. listen/watch podcast/documentary every day.
4. Working on personal projects that I was delaying for a long time.

I promised myself that I would not drink coffee or any…

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

I just turned 30 this month. For one or two days everything was normal, till my feeling started changing, I could not sleep at night, and I kept thinking about my 20’s. Those days that I should do something better but I did not, to those opportunities that I could have grabbed but I did not, to those people that I should have loved more, but I did not. I started blaming myself for everything that I could do, but I did not!

For the first time I felt that I am getting old!!

Some people call it 30’s syndrome…


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